[Video] Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Note 20 Ultra / S20 Ultra / iPhone 12 Pro Max Battery Test!

Full battery Life Drain Comparison of Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Samsung galaxy Note 20 Ultra…

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  1. VERY minor thing, but I think that something that you could do to make these battery tests more interesting is putting the time they lasted on dead phones.

  2. I like your test parameters, just one thing : zero sound, imho, you should have connected them to Bluetooth speaker/earphones because I'm probably not using my phone speaker unless I want to show a 2 min video to someone once a week, but i'm using earphone for a good half of my working day and i'm not alone in this 🙂
    Again, imho

  3. Here’s a feedback:
    My reason for switching from Note20U to iphone11pro max was the “standby” time, which is rarely spoken of. I bought the note 20 ultra, slept, woke up with around 15-20% of battery gone. This is a huge factor for me, perhaps as big as “screen on time” if not more.

    Great vids Aron, as always.

  4. ‼️ Question ‼️
    Why have you not done a review on LG in Over 2 years I think the last review you did or video about LG was about the LG G7.
    I mean you do reviews on almost Every other single phone brand that's out.
    I don't know if you have an issue with LG or what.
    It just seems a bit shady that you're not doing any reviews on any of the newer LG phones.
    I mean Marqus does them also unbox therapy does them..
    I don't know if you have had an issue with LG where you just don't like them or a fallout with the company,
    But even if you despise LG phones or you just don't like LG in general you should still review their phones and be as unbiased as possible.
    All of this is just my personal opinion tho.
    Also before anyone comments he doesn't review LG phones because they suck
    stfu, it doesn't matter if you think a phone sucks or not if someone is a phone and electronics reviewing YouTuber they should review phones even if some people or the YouTuber themselves think the phone sucks.
    Because personally I know a lot of people who we're DieHard iPhone and Samsung users and they switched over to LG and now they love LG.
    It's just a bummer because I really like Mrwhostheboss YouTube channel but it's just a bummer that he doesn't do videos and reviews on LG phones anymore apparently.
    And if you're one of the people who hate LG phones that's fine that's totally your opinion we all have them but just because some people don't like something doesn't mean everyone doesn't like it.

  5. Bro I'm sure those thumbs down are apple fans. Why can't we all just get along. Stop the hating. Dayum. Just enjoy the video for what it is. You need proof you get it. Enjoy the proof that you get. Give a thumbs up.

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