[Video] The CHEAPEST Legit Gaming Laptop

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50 Comments on “[Video] The CHEAPEST Legit Gaming Laptop”

  1. That beanie looks like a sad head wrap for a patient in the ER. DO NOT BUY. But the YouTube videos are…. okay… other than Linus himself is okay. He’s just getting in the way of his own channel. Move away and let the fun and entertaining people take over.

  2. Maybe do a video about comparing region prices? Like what is an affordable gaming pc in US, eastern europe etc.
    This laptop costs 2.5 times as much in my country as in the US making it very expensive here.

  3. Linus says the RTX 2060 is good in this video but how am I supposed to trust that? He HAS to say good things about Nvidia, or they will ban him from getting any new hardware like the hardwareunboxed guy.

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