[Video] The CLEANEST AMD build

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  1. Just a little fun fact: here in Hungary, a Sapphire Radeon RX 6900 XT 16GB NITRO+ costs 569.900 HUF, (including our glorius 27% VAT) which would be 2440 CAD!! The CPU costs 269.900 HUF, which is about 1130 CAD!! Yaaay, Hungary…!

  2. I spent 560 on a 55 inch 4 k tvwith hdr and dolby vision…its a phillips. What l love most about it is ambilight…in a dark room its totally brillant..really adds immersion in movie u watching. I loved it so much l now have nzxt hue2 that gives me ambilight on pc games..again..really hard to go back to a normal monitor or tv now…..

  3. What's the point of this video? If can't buy case, can't buy GPU, can't buy CPU?
    None of this exist outside you lab? For whom you making video? Archive it, and post it back in 2022 when it will make real sense

  4. I’d really like to see a LTT video on how to choose a mother board.

    I feel confident selecting a processor, power supply, case, graphics card, RAM, storage, AIO/cooling, etc… but motherboards still confuse me. Obviously, got to get one that’s compatible with the processor choice, but with several different form factors, chipsets, I/O, features, etc… I’m not always sure what to look for in a motherboard and why (pros & cons, etc…).

  5. Funny should say that about the orange Snap-On screwdrivers…. I have been using one for PC builds/maintenance since around 1995-6 & in the past year or so the ratchet has started to fail meaning that have to rapidly twist the collar to try to get it to engage. Having same problem in trying to catch up with a Snap-On truck! Started to carry it in the glove box of my car now so if I happen to see one at a petrol station or on my travels, I can then take it to the guy to see what I have to do to get it replaced!

    Agree on the UHD TV thing. Bought a Sony Bravia 55" UHD panel approx 5-6 years ago (was the last Bravia before Sony moved to Android for the OS on the sets) & it cost me almost £3000 then. A year later you could buy a 65" UHD HDR panel for half the price I paid (which was discounted as well!). Now even the cheapest 55" UHD panels have HDR & other little tweaks. Have had to buy an Apple TV top make it "smart" again due to app support for the Sony set being dropped totally as technologies progress especially video streaming apps.

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