[Video] The TOUGHEST Ethernet cable

Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS/ANDROID/PC: and get a special starter pack Available only for the next 30 days Does the average ethernet …

[Video] The TOUGHEST Ethernet cable 1
[Video] The TOUGHEST Ethernet cable 2
[Video] The TOUGHEST Ethernet cable 3
[Video] The TOUGHEST Ethernet cable 4
[Video] The TOUGHEST Ethernet cable 5

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  1. @Linus. I am in need of help and who else to ask then man himself(huge fan), my friend brought me graphics card and asked me to help if i can so i tried its a old card and problem is when you install it pc wont recognize it and everytime basic Windows graphics driver is installed. So i opened it and first thing i notice is that chip is tiny tiny bit cracked on edge, this is my first encounter whit this can it be repaired. Me out piece ✌️✌️✌️

  2. I bet whoever is in charge of choosing the advertisements knew that they had probably dropped over $1000 on RED cables, and they were so desperate that they chose RAID: Shadow Legends

  3. Some of you are being dramatic about the raid ad. Yeah it’s a crappy game with a bad company, but don’t shit on ltt for taking a well paying sponsor during the pandemic. Yeah have your opinion, but chill on being hateful towards Linus.

  4. hot take, cat6/5 cable is cheaper than having to install a new wall plate or tripping and pulling the computer/laptop and breaking one of those. the plastic clip is SUPPOSED to break.

  5. Wow….. click bait much…. this cable is pathetic. Slap some coloured sleeving on an Ethernet cable with a Nutrik Ethercon connector and call it a day?
    Geez. Get back to me when you find out about Self Supporting Gel filled (with armoured braid) aerial ethernet cable.

  6. Seriously? Raid Shadow Legends? Do yall need a money or something? Set up a patron. Don't come at us with that Raid shit. It's gambling candy for kids in a fancy "legal" wrapper. You're better than this. Probably the only video I have ever downvoted. Sry man. Had to be done.

  7. There is no way that lift truck weight 3000 pounds. Probably more like 3000 kilograms. It can probably lift 3000 pounds.
    A sit down lift truck just a little bit bigger than that weighs like 10,000 pounds.

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