[Video] The WORST Money I've Ever Spent

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  1. Highest power 5g arrays are about 100w for the full array. If you climbed one with a bottle of lube and inserted the best part of the largest antenna up there into your sphincter like a trained sword swallower, it might give you some mild burns.

  2. The only thing I can think of that would make this type of product remotely useful is to store your Car's key fob if it's a newer car. Carjacker's can actually hack the fob remotely from the street to steal your car. But that's like… a spot to put it when you get home for the day and that's it.

  3. I am most certainly not fear mongering 5g, but there really hasn't been any serious research into long term effects of constant exposure to EM like that found in 5G (or other similar signals). That doesn't mean it will cause problems, it just means we don't really know. And lets not act like only ionizing EM radiation is harmful, Ultra Violet radiation is not an 'ionizing radiation', but we know quite well that it is harmful (sunburn, skin cancer, etc).

    What makes me scratch my head is why 5g has gotten so much attention, we have absolutely been cranking out all types of EM fields pretty much since the industrial revolution, at all sorts of wavelengths. And there has been some grumbling in the past about things like high voltage electrical cables near houses, microwave ovens, cell phones, etc; most of the fear mongering has been quite fringe. Something about 5g has really captured the public's imagination.

  4. I just remembered what the worlds most expensive microwave oven is.

    It’s a airport radar.

    I got this story from someone who knew the people who tried.

    The people who did this where doing checkup on an airport radar, and decided to test if it could cook a chicken. They stuck a chicken (like the ones you cook while in the oven) on a broomstick and held it right in front of the radar emitter. It was it was cooked in only a few seconds. This is because the radar beam is very powerful when emitted, because it has to travel a long distance to do what it is supposed to do.

  5. They didn't even benchmark these vs the "wrapping his head in tinfoil" option, how am I supposed to make an informed purchase?

  6. The best part is when your phone, that is closer to your body than the router and hence more influent to your healt (if the minuscule power of wifi would be of any concern), starts shouting out packets in full-power, since it bases its output power accoriding to the lower RSSI received by the router that sits inside this contraption.
    Adding insult to injury, these boxes basically get the exact opposite of what they're advertised for…

  7. I have a feeling people who buy this kind of junk to be ''protected'' are same people who are anti-vaxers and flat earthners, but in the end they are paying a price for their stupidity

  8. My geology professor in uni actually had us do a paper on "the harmful effects of EMFs". She of course gave us her paper to refer to in which she stated all kinds of things that fit her opinion and while I was doing my research I found out she somehow missed critically important information that completely negates what she's saying. I didn't agree with her so needless to say I had to do 2 more papers but whatever, it was worth it. Great video linus.

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