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  1. My suggestion for everyone in chat (that aren't mac heads) just wait til July/August (or later if you can hold on for the price to drop) and get a laptop which has the AMD Ryzen 5000 ZEN 3 architecture…then you're laughing all the way to pleasure and performance land.

  2. They would have to work on that proprietary connection system though, as if they are able to generalize it, then the compact External GPU hub's sales would increase by a lot, by itself.

  3. What I particularly like about this product is that Asus could've just use the integrated GPU and not put a dedicated GPU inside the main laptop, but they choose to throw a GTX1650 in it anyway because they're nice like that. It makes the whole combination so much more versatile.

  4. Its a peace of junk just like other laptop's, A toy basically, By the way no one said what gpu is that egpu holding ;/, After all toy is toy, Just buy yourself a proper PC if ur not a newbie

  5. Man OH man how i would love something like this, i haven't had a gaming rig in years cause i cant afford it XD, Lew i will clean all your toilets to pay for that LOL.

  6. It's only $3000. That does not include the egpu peripheral, not its this the price of the "Supernova Edition". Guess I'll be saving my pennies to buy one later this year. 🤞🏾

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