[Video] THIS is a Graphics Card..??

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43 Comments on “[Video] THIS is a Graphics Card..??”

  1. Ask Nvidia and Amd for an interview, and tell them how many people there are out there waiting for some update when we can buy their gfx cards.. This… is something we normal users cant do.. Use your power and make good videos again!

  2. I wonder if you could use this to somehow access the integrated graphics of a desktop intel cpu or amd apu, when paired with a motherboard that has no display output (EX: ROG Crosshair VI Hero)???

  3. I’ve been watching since 1 mil and have always been on time for video releases but for whatever reason I have been unsubscribed. Has anybody else faced the same issue?

  4. you know you've reached the peak in your life when you have hardware that can blitz Basically anything yet you're getting Visually Excited over 3 FPS in a game using a Weird GPU haha

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