[Video] This PC Used To Be IMPOSSIBLE!

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[Video] This PC Used To Be IMPOSSIBLE! 1
[Video] This PC Used To Be IMPOSSIBLE! 2
[Video] This PC Used To Be IMPOSSIBLE! 3
[Video] This PC Used To Be IMPOSSIBLE! 4
[Video] This PC Used To Be IMPOSSIBLE! 5

22 Comments on “[Video] This PC Used To Be IMPOSSIBLE!”

  1. What happened with the professional performance charts and reviews. Now we are just watching somebody build a PC.

    I am glad this type of click bate, non-informative video making you more money. Despite that, we would appreciate you do not forget the geeks that supported you when you started.

    We want charts. We want charts. We wants charts.

  2. I just helped my bro build a threadripper (3970) system with that cooler and tried to mount a 140 fan and a second 140 fan to it (because the ripper is used for computational modelling and will be running all cores at 100% for literally days at a time without a break), but it wouldn't clear the ram (the only noctua cooler that you cant rotate)… So i had to mount the fans higher. then i realised the tips of the heat pipes touch the glass side panel (o11 dynamic xl), but the fans sit higher than that… So i had to go back to the 120 fan and get another of those and the heatpipes just touch the glass, but the fans just fit. At least its working now…

  3. The huge size; most computer cases who cares if the die is huge. you don't look in ur pc case. It's a joke that isn't funny. We make things as people. we set the price. We can make what we want. Say for example lol. Things have to start somewhere if you understand that. Linear thinking is a plague.

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