[Video] This Tiny PC SHREDS!

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41 Comments on “[Video] This Tiny PC SHREDS!”

  1. I don't get the point of thoses computers. Just like any prebuild they can't be upgraded that easely due to how small they are. AND you pay the extra "it's small form factor" tax like a "gaming" laptop

  2. Linus please explain frame times, My pc is getting the lowest I've seen in any video in the past 5 years 8-9ms I feel like it's important and it's stopping me from upgrading bc I don't wa t 14-20 like everyone else

  3. Well, i know what im saving up too. But its 13 500 NOK and i have around 1 600 NOK so ill have to save up for a long time xD or just buy another pc, like the Acer Nitro N50

  4. i will never understand why people want to pay more for this type of bull shit but if you wana be a fool then so be it to each there own lol…. gimme a cheaper cooler pc the size of a mini fridge all day haha

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