[Video] What happened to Beats by Dre?

Beats by Dr Dre used to be a worldwide phenomenon, but then Apple got involved…
Do I regret…

[Video] What happened to Beats by Dre? 1
[Video] What happened to Beats by Dre? 2
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  1. apple bought beats not because of their resource, sound engineer(beats doesnt make the best sounding earphone rmb?). They bought them just because they dont want to compete with them. Buyout your competitor.

  2. I really expected Bose to have more of a share, even more than Samsung

    Airpods Max aren't even pods, they're pads. Arun you might have to edit the passionfruit video

  3. Apple buying Beats is like Chelsea FC buying all possible young football talents they come across, not necessarily in order to make them play for Chelsea 1st team, but in order to prevent from competition buying them.

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  5. When a company known for building a cult around "luxury" overpriced and technologically inferior phones buys a headphone brand that does the same, what on earth surprised anyone is beyond me at this point

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