[Video] What is 2nd Gen OLED??

Thanks to LG for sponsoring this video! Check out the new OLED LG 77G1 and their CES experience at We’re here at CES 2021 …

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  1. That nfc remote is old news if i remember it correctly if was here already around 2014. Thought that new tv's ditched it for chromecast.

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  3. NFC HAS very short range.. LG doesn't support using Wi-Fi to connect your phone with the tv?
    Or does the remote do that work for you? But then it would need to recharge often ..

  4. Linus, we need most of all now the protection of the skin and eyes from the ultraviolet radiation of the monitor, and not anything else. Otherwise, the situation will be like with asbestos.

  5. I want to know about if it got protection against burn in? I heard LG was making oleds that couldn’t burn in.

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