[Video] Why I Bought a Tesla – Tesla Model Y Review

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[Video] Why I Bought a Tesla - Tesla Model Y Review 2
[Video] Why I Bought a Tesla - Tesla Model Y Review 3
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  1. Bought a Model Y in September. Very satisfied. Did have a gap in the tailgate – which Tesla fixed. Didn’t buy FSD but bought Enhanced Auto Pilot before the end of the year when it was an option. I think raising the price for their (non-existent) software is insane but I’m loving the experience of owning this car. Hopefully they offer a FSD upgrade at a discount sometime down the road.

  2. 2020 Model 3 SR+ and 2021 Model 3 LR owner here. Do you keep your keycard in the phone case? If not, nice dramatics.

    As for Android Auto, not my thing, and yes, Ive used it many times. I do miss Apple Carplay though.

  3. I would love to own a fully electric vehicle so badly and I have considered a Tesla model x as my first major adult car purchase the cost just needs to come down a little more and I would love to see more mainstream auto companies Ford Chevy Dodge put more into development of electric vehicles

  4. Do people buy them because they hate the environment and want to make more toxic batteries that cause more harm than gasoline emissions? Or maybe because you hate money and like to replace the batteries every five years? Or perhaps you like unreliable and unsafe vehicles that Americans help pay for in order to keep Tesla in the black because he can't make a profit on his own? Or perhaps it's because Elon is a chubby ahole who has taken over $7,000,000,000USD in grants funded with tax dollars?

  5. Look’s ugly, the drive feels disconnected, it makes no good noise’s, not really cost effective, Poor all round quality, the list is long. You where honest which I admire.
    Audi = Another Useless Driving Idiot, poor choice stick to PC’s 👍
    I’ll keep my daily Volvo T5 and weekend Mitsubishi evo 2 for now thank you

  6. Wonder if they ship the Ys and 3s now from the China factory..? Model Y problems I have been hearing is taking me back to how X was the "original failure model" back in the day… such a shame 🙁 Good luck, now that he is richest and all, what with TSLA now part of the S&P.. man what a year for Elon, guess too much success can be a de-motivator huh – you need to loose the flab and hit the gym man ;-P. Still have some respect for the man, though honestly the labor issues around Covid mean that he will go down well in history only for SpaceX likely….

  7. Totally agree on what you've said about them. I always tell my friends not to only look at the good side of tesla but also the bad ones, but in a less convincing way.. 😂

  8. I wonder if anyone else realizes that the build quality of the car will continually improve as full autonomy improves… like a fully autonomous factory that shits out flawless teslas out at running speed with minimal human intervention…… oh well. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  9. A great honest review. I never thought I'd also be watching Linus for car buying advice. This has honestly been the most useful Tesla review video I've seen so far. I really like how you broke down some of the practical stuff others overlooked when focusing on performance. Honestly the wind shield wiper thing alone is a deal breaker for me living in the rainy PNW. I was so close to buying one too. I think I'm going to wait and see how the new EVs from VW motors turn out.

  10. I've been somewhat actively following Tesla for years now and it was literally only watching this video, right now, that I learned that what Tesla calls "Autopilot" is not the full self driving capability.

    That is irresponsible beyond comprehension. It doesn't sound as flashy, but it is absolutely necessary to replace this name with something like "Advanced Adaptive Cruise".

    The full self driving feature is what is implied by the term "autopilot" and anyone who is literate in English is able to make that connection. You cannot convey to drivers that they have to ability to hit autopilot and check out when that's something you cannot do until full self driving is implemented (and even still, I feel that naming this full self driving feature "autopilot" is dangerous because you shouldn't tell drivers that they don't have to pay attention in any circumstance.)

  11. Let us HOPE and PRAY that they (TESLA) listen and use this feedback.
    NEVER should someone be forced to look at a BRIGHT LED PANEL whilst driving in the RAIN and DARK and christ knows what else…..
    AWFUL…. it is bad enough with all these new TALL vehicles with their LED LASER BEAM Headlamps dazzling one every few seconds….

    BMW DiD Address the Headlamp issues… I didn't hear anything beyond their boast about 3 years ago… seemed like a quality thing…. however not every oncoming vehicle will be a 2 year old BEEMER will it?

  12. Tesla petitioned the government to stop giving payment incentives for electric vehicles. For example you'd buy an electric car for 36000$ and the government gives a financial incentive of 4000$ to you, so you only pay 32000$. Those incentivized payments stop if the manufacturer reaches a certain threshold of sales (random example: 200000 cars sold) . Tesla stated back then they welcome other companies to produce and sell electric cars. Then why try to cancel out financial bonus programs by the government as soon as they almost reached their sale threshold? Tesla was needed for a change in the industry but I despise a lot of their practices.

  13. I am still waiting for my 7 Day Test Drive of a Model S………
    I booked it late January 2020……….
    CoViD Excuse.. COViD….Stock issues…. then COViD… I don't even think they make them anymore?!

  14. Once again he says something so stupid, always look behind you with your eyes and your mirrors not just the camera and the sensors. It’s not safe or allowed in most states. The driving test requires you to use your head and mirrors

  15. I own two Tesla’s and used android auto along with car play, which both suck. I used car play for about 3 years and Android auto for 2 years. Both were cumbersome. Tesla changed my mind after a few months. 2 years with my model 3 snd it drives me 90% of the way 30 miles to my job and has never failed once period. I have never had the car serviced I have not been to a gas station in two years as well. Linus is wrong about many aspects snd right about some. He is reading the hype of mass media snd did not do his research or does not have experience. Out of 23 cars owned in my life the Tesla is the best hands down. After two years I am just as excited and have just as much fun getting in and driving as I did when I bought it.

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