[Video] 1 Inch of Pure Power – Prometheus Gaming Laptop

The Best Gaming Laptop from Eluktronics for maximum performance under an inch – Prometheus XVII. 5800H + RTX 3070 / RTX…

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  1. It seems like this laptop sucks in every single aspect except for the cooling. I don't know why is he trying to find any plus points for this. I'm sure there are tons of 17 inch laptops offering more battery, better keyboards, lighter in weight with more durable build.

  2. i never saw a system76 laptop review in this channel, i wonder why? since you review all sorts of laptop- not just windows laptops since you also review macbooks -why no system76?

  3. you always talk the absence of branding as a desirable feature why? if you simply talked about it as a feature/property that will be fine, but why is it good? i would not like to buy a laptop if it doesn't have a prominent branding visible on it.

  4. The reason why there is an option for disabling Half track pad, coz right half of that huge trackpad is exactly under the keyboard typing portion where your palm rests. So, in a typing/work session, to avoid accidental movement, that option is critical to have.

  5. Great video Dave! i know your have previously reviewed one, but i got a Lenovo Legion Y530_15ICH that gets less than an hour of battery life and its never gotten better with any lenovo updates, if your or anyone else is interested and want more system specs and benchmarks for analysis lemme know, best regards

  6. On the hinge issue, Lenovo Y50-70 is one of them, as I'm using one now (which I got it from my cousin). Not 2 months after I got it, the hinge started to break. My cousin doesn't have this issue although she has been using it for around 2 years I think because she doesn't move the laptop around, hence doesn't really ever open/close the lid as often as people usually do. I fixed this hinge issue by drilling a hole at the screen casing and put 2 steel plates.

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