[Video] ASUS G15 Review – The King

My review of the Asus Zephyrus G15 GA503. This is the best gaming laptop for what I do. My favorite device so far this year

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AMD 5900HS +…

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  1. @Dave2D, a few things you might want to check out on your $1799 Best Buy version of the G15.
    1) If you update the bios to the newest bios (Bios version 404);, you'll find that you get close to 9 hours of battery life as opposed to 6.5 hours.
    2) Also, you can adjust the keyboard lighting to be whatever color you want it to be (I have it set to red) through the Asus armory crate installed on your laptop.

  2. Hate the ROG keyboard font. other than that, pretty sleek looking line of gaming laptops. Overall is it worth the upgrade over a cheaper and/or older gen G14?

  3. The bezel on the white is not white because white reflects light and it will interrupt your media consumption. While black absorbs light it will not reflect any light so that you don’t get any glare. I think Dave you are right they put thought in it. 💡

  4. Dave, you could use something like SharpKeys to remap a button you don't use to the print screen button. SharpKeys writes to the registry I believe so works great, at least from my experience.

  5. That keyboard just looks bad. About the black bezel thing, Apple has been doing it since forever but I didn't see anyone complaining about Macbooks' black bezels with silver body yet. Although I would complain about that bottom bezel, looks like a great place to put a 16:10 screen in.

  6. I tried and waited for an i9 g15 through all last year. Dealers didn’t stock them. I routinely asked them to bring one into the country, but nope.. Now, they don’t offer anything but AMD for 2021. I am royally disappointed. I may reluctantly have to part from Asus.

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