[Video] Chinese Steam Explained

Valve and Perfect World have teamed up to create an official Steam App for beta release in China. How long until western Steam is out of the grey area and no …

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  1. You want to know wh Steam asks for phone number and ID?
    it is not for them, exactly
    it is for the government, or more likely a law requirement for surveillance (aka the social credit thingy)

  2. As a saying goes,"that which is real is reasonable",what the perfectworld and valve doing now is to avoid steam totally extinct in China. I hate culture censorship of government,but i can realize the logic of what perfectworld and valve doing. that's the only way , also a best way to avoid steam going to its end, it's not only about the profit they can get but also to protect the Chinese gamers (for now of course)

  3. Violation policy is too much. It's true for the media and games. But for Google, Facebook banned, it's totally another story. Please refer to

    . So please don't lead the public to wrong direction when you are misunderstanding by wrong media trend.

  4. 谁能告诉我,我该怎么在不移动我的位置的情况下,更改我的Steam所在区域……我的Steam上,至少已经有「$4,423.34」的「外部资金消费记录」了。

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