[Video] Fixing My $10,000 Mistake

Check out Storyblocks at Back in Early 2020, we tried to deploy a new version of our all NVMe video editing server …

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[Video] Fixing My $10,000 Mistake 2
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34 Comments on “[Video] Fixing My $10,000 Mistake”

  1. Me with 4 x HDD Drives in Raid 5 with one drive failure without 1 minute backup… Ouw, i've done my best… but I'm poor, sry… …i felt good with my configuration until this video….

  2. You carelessly flailing multi-thousand-dollar components around, and running at full speed with a multi-tens-of-thousands-of-dollars server is not funny, it's not entertaining, it's only cringey. Do you really love so much to break thousands of dollars worth of electronics just to have to spend that much money again to get replacements? Are you completely incapable of grasping the concept of handling expensive parts carefully and safely?

    Be grateful that this time nothing dropped on the floor. But when you keep acting like this, something eventually will. But I suppose you have the money to waste.

  3. If you are looking for a less sketchy multi threaded copy program – RichCopy. Its was developed internally by MS. Its a GUI for RoboCopy (by screenshots, it appears the app you used also is). Used to use it all the time in a professional capacity when I needed to copy large databases (multi gigabyte).

  4. When People Think of Local Network There Thinking The Aera Around You Like The Company LMAO not just the network transfering throw ethernet speed's just saying transfering data to a usb but most masive storage you can think of with twice the better speed's IGETIT IHOPE

  5. OMG @ 8:15 the patch panels options are so wrong lol !! please fix it !! no need to have home run cables going straight into the switch at all !! use 6 inch long patch cables from the patch panel into the switch !! so simple and looks need, clean etc.

  6. all this to save youtube videos…whats wrong wit this canadian? not sure why youre even shooting in 8k if no one even has 8k displays and youtube can barely even buffer 4k….

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