[Video] Galaxy S21 Ultra – Exynos vs Snapdragon.

Comparison of the Exynos 2100 vs Snapdragon 888 in the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Which is…

[Video] Galaxy S21 Ultra - Exynos vs Snapdragon. 1
[Video] Galaxy S21 Ultra - Exynos vs Snapdragon. 2
[Video] Galaxy S21 Ultra - Exynos vs Snapdragon. 3
[Video] Galaxy S21 Ultra - Exynos vs Snapdragon. 4
[Video] Galaxy S21 Ultra - Exynos vs Snapdragon. 5

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  1. u know what kind of a smartphone enthusiast he is when u get to know he uses fridge to cool the phone down
    fucks sake ppl dont do that when condensation forms inside the phone , rip motherboard and the rest of the components and the condensation forms very easily due to the amount of internal cooling system in place which is alredy cooling the device down by pushing heat generated into the metal frame of the phone.

  2. Am using the international version of the previous versions but I feel like this is it… its hard paying more and get less.. Apple just got themselves a new customer 😪

  3. con el software final y ajuste secreto, lo puede observar……si el snapdragon del s21 le gana a todos con snapdragon, parec que en ciertas cosas gana el exynos….mire por favor….buen video.

  4. Well done Samsung for Exynos 2100 compared to the last year's Exynos. You (Samsung) need to thanks @Mrwhosetheboss for making this video because now you know where you really need to focus. Eagerly waiting for Note 21 with Exynos x AMD GPU ❤❤

  5. S21 just plain sucks when compared with iPhone 12 at any level no matter how hard these youtubers will try to find something good about S21. I owe both at the same time, 12 Pro – work, S21 Ultra – personal. I am a dedicated Android geek, but to say that S21 is in any way better (from a consumer perspective) just to justify its price tag vs its competition when there is nothing good there would be like Republicans supporting Trump: supporting the brand at any cost.

    In S21 – face recognition sucks (could not get it to work properly in dark rooms), finger print sucks (in the middle of the screen …ha)… design and quality? Just look at S21…then look at iPhone 12…you tell me which one sucks there too?…Or you can just take Galaxy S6 and you can right away notice the quality drop in S21… Maybe if the price tag would be at half I could understand.

    Whoever designed S21 and approved it for sell should be fired.

    Sorry…I wish I could say something good about S21 but it disappointed me terribly

  6. Arun one more thing to note… 👀 The color grading of this ☝🏻 video 📹 is Awesome 😍 Beautiful and Just Perfect 👌🏻 do continue and keep the same in further Videos 📹 Arun 🌟 Ly ❤️

  7. If games is all u play, sure the 888 is faster, but this is already known. If just use your phone for other stuff than graphic intensive games, tests shows that the 2100 is a bit faster than the 888. So tell the whole story! Sure u mention it, but in general tell thst the 2100 is so bad… I really like ur videos BTW!

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