[Video] Gaming on STARLINK!!

The next generation of satellite internet is here… but is it any good… and how does it work, exactly? But most importantly, can you pwn noobs from space with it?

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  1. Hey Linus! Use your youtuber clout and get Fiber installed everywhere. Fuck this tech, fuck launching more precious materials into space beaming out more EMR than ever

  2. All the satellites and debris. Last time it was comet/asteroid that wipe out dinosaurs. I am seeing rain of debris and satellites wiping out humans in the future.

  3. I'm in outback Australia and still have better internet than a lot of friends living in the city. Sadly, this is still better than the FTTN NBN we got saddled with. It'll make a huge difference at the remote work location I used to live in. The satellite there is trash, and from memory 20gig/month.

  4. Wouldn't all them sattilates, create a debery field? Meaning we can't launch rockets to space? In fear of hitting one, but it's cool though, but it's fast now but when multiple of Billions of people use it won't it get slower?, Also I know how you feel about the broadband and back in the day with one phone line and dialup. Yeah that was crazy, all my mates had the fancy shit. Playing games or whatever I'm like Yeah I can't..

  5. Ah once again Linus brings up the mythology of "no competition means, the prices go up" – when in fact, 99% of all those companies in the US are managed by the same parent firms, and have been shown to collude, which is why they all survive, because everyone serves the same financial management firms. – If you had the state or local government running the platforms entirely, prices would go down. Competition rarely, if ever, lowers prices. Because that would mean, that competition does not eliminate companies (which is what competition means, someone gets eliminated at the end of the day), but it does, and when it does, monopoly kicks in and voilà – prices go up.

  6. Come on man — get yourself "NetSpeedMonitor" from Frank Gilles and install it in compatibility Mode … then you see your speed in the taskbar … that have made this video much better!

  7. I remember the days of the Quake multiplayer demo and discovering the phrase "low ping bastard". It was fun shutting down the call center, not go home, and use the network to stomp people who mostly had dialup. Quake and Quake II were good times.

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