[Video] Here's How to Save $45,000

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[Video] Here's How to Save $45,000 1
[Video] Here's How to Save $45,000 2
[Video] Here's How to Save $45,000 3
[Video] Here's How to Save $45,000 4
[Video] Here's How to Save $45,000 5

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  1. The prices are ridiculous. Even at one fifth of the jellyfish price, that's still around 9k. Who the fuck has 9k to throw away on something like this that'll be obsolete in a couple of years if not months? Both this and the jellyfish have just one target audience: people with more money than brain cells.

  2. I mean Linus could target Dell or HP as well since those are pricey as well. That said, it's an interesting server build and Lumaforge is overpriced without having good Enterprise support.
    Also, CentOS on Lumaforge is going to be in an interesting place quite soon. Also, disappointing at complete lack of RGB. Need more RGB in Enterprise Deployments!

  3. im still at the intro but the 1st thing that comes to mind is, what if lumaforge, went to sponsor linus to promote their new line of "Jellyfish" product. I wonder what will linus do.

  4. The trick to the appreciable "high performance" at the "low" price is the LSi HBA, the two cache 2TB NVMe Sabrents and the Intel x710 NIC 10GbE uplinks to his office server through the blue cable he used to great optical networking through the ConnectX / FS 25G SFP28 SR transceivers on both ends of nis new "cloud deployment-level" new whonnock and workstations on the backend that he failed to mention. All those EXOS SATA drives are just crass.

  5. I'd feel a little uncomfy deploying a non-mirrored ZFS SLog / intent log / write cache. No worries about the L2ARC, though – it's just data that's already there, but faster. Also, NIC teaming / LAG / LACP does not necessarily multiply your max bandwidth – at least not for a single TCP flow – you're merely multiplying the amount of simultaneous full-speed 10gig flows.

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