[Video] I REALLY Love Building Computers!!

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  1. i love Linus and all his media online, but one thing i really want to know is, why can i watch u on 1080p and it looks like its 480 upscaled, it looks washed out and blurred to hell, pls look into this, cus its getting bad,

  2. @Linus Tech Tips I know you don't read the comments anymore, but anyway the iFixIt screw driver must be in the power supply box with extra cables.And put a big display in those doors so that she can harass you without using paper!

  3. Crypto bear market can't come soon enough. Coffee Lake Celerons are also impossible to find, though I'm not sure why else you'd buy one so it doesn't really matter.

  4. Ok Linus please could you talk about motherboard earthing! Moé pole seem to be confused and always ground their motherboard! Usually if your house electrical outlet and your computer psu has 3 prong it usually means it’s grounded ( at least in North America) so no use grounding to the case ! In fact tu is usually better to not ground via the case !grounding via the case would be usefull if you live in a region that the power connector and or psu does not have ground ! so why say a company like apple earth their Mac mini m1 motherboard!(just an exemple) because apple sell world wide , so they supply the two ground ! But on average the grounding of the case Method is if you do not have a way to ground via the psu connector !yes usually the motherboard ground isthme worst of the grounding method ! As for rack concern?i suspect same idea apply ! The ground in the psu wire to the outlet is usually very very good ! So grounding via motherboard usually is not a good idea! rack likely have their own grounding solution and don’t require motherboard screw ground ! most corporation likely do both because corporation love the word redundancy !if they lack earthing? They should send their ground in oil touching earth like a metal 1 gallon old grease bin or whatever ! since not all earth ground proper ! Anyway ! Keep up the good work!

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