[Video] Intel made their own Macbook??

Since when does Intel make their own laptops!? And why did they wait so long? Because their collaboration with XPG, the Xenia Xe, may just be a Macbook …

[Video] Intel made their own Macbook?? 1
[Video] Intel made their own Macbook?? 2
[Video] Intel made their own Macbook?? 3
[Video] Intel made their own Macbook?? 4

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  1. I hate how companies never outright say what their graphics can do…its just " this name blah blah"….ffs NOW! I wanna know the number of Gigs, the tensor cores,. SPECIFICS! Aint gotta be complicated ffs.

  2. The Snapdragon 888 does have a technology that when you have multiple pixels of the same color, the graphics treat all these pixels as one big pixel, resulting in up to 30% smoother performance, why Intel and AMD don't use this tech in their integrated graphics? They absolutely must use it, because it will make integrated graphics this much better and this much closer to a discreet GPU, it will make them like a thousand times better

  3. I was gonna say "If it's an Intel laptop why don't they use their own linux distro, Clear Linux OS"? Turns out it's fucking NUC but in a laptop form instead of a small barebones desktop, sold by a 3rd party…

  4. Lol you get a desktop 4800hs 7nm ryzen 7 in the Huawei Matebook 14 including 2K touchscreen and better design than macbook for 900-1000 bucks. But of course keep chilling for overpriced american companies

  5. Wait wait who is this guy, who wrote this script?! LTT is supposed to hate Macs and their design whilst praising anything that has RGB and, well, looks like a Decepticon so why are they changing gears here?!

  6. Idk man, I still feel like the MacBook Air with the 16gb ram option is perfect for most people. This is me speaking as a windows user. Until windows laptops can match the performance to price ratio of those MacBook airs, I am gonna recommend Apple to everyone. Unless you’re a gamer or you use graphics heavy applications in which you should consider building your own pc.

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