[Video] Just How Bad is Mixing Memory?

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  1. I'm never mixing RAMs anymore. Once I bought exactly the same RAM (brand, timings, frequency, EVERYTHING the same) and could not get it to work. Even if they are the exact same it didn't work. Now I know RAM is pretty selective about its roommates so I won't push my luck.

  2. Great video, lots of usefull info for me. But i have so many questions for Brandon (a bit asian looking guy who operate cameras IE your director of photography (?) ). What is that blown up window? Set looks so hazy and washed out compared to prev vids. 😐

  3. I have bought two corsair ddr4 3200 mhz 16×2 modules(total 64 Gram), same serial and I could even go into the Bios. I have called them, and they told me that's not possible even if the serial number is the same so if I want to upgrate from 32 to 64 I have to sold my old one and buy a new one =))

  4. I had two a kit of 2 x 8GB (2133mhz) ram and I matched it with my new kit of 2 x 16GB (3600mhz). I got them both at 3600mhz speed and it was smooth, then my new kit stopped working and kept giving me RAM errors code 🙁 (got it RMA'ed THOUGH! Love you G.Skill). Ram is funny, also Hi Linus frosty tips.

  5. I tried combining two sets of 3000Mhz C15 16GB Samsung B and have had my computer crash more than ever. I even tried using the Ryzen calculator, default motherboard settings, my own settings, etc. Nothing seems to make it stable, short of turning down the frequency to the point where I miss out on a significant amount of fps in games that I'd rather not lose. I even ran mem test so many times, but not enough I guess…

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