[Video] Never seen one of these before…

Samsung monitors and Samsung TVs are about to get a whole lot more similar! The “Smart Monitor” UHD 32M70A is a 4K monitor with smartTV apps built-in, …

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  1. "Why'd it take so long to come to market"

    I'm still asking that question with regards to 1920×1200+ 16:10 displays over 60Hz. They still don't exist a decade later, but 32:9 does. And on that note.. where's 21:10? 32:10? The missing vertical space still kills me to this day.

  2. So I thought I was insane for buying a Radeon VII @ $1200 CAD… until… it’s now auctioning on eBay for over $2000 CAD.

    You should do a video on GPU’s that shot up in value, there are a lot of people sitting on some real stonks

  3. hi linus . i wanted to ask you about something that happened in my pc . i have 2 disk drives in my pc 1 ssd and 1 hdd . my pc freezes on startup and restart but it doesnt freeze and restart when i disconnect my hdd. pls help me <3

  4. 2:06 then you didn’t see my brother’s quad dorm room… The four of them had desks set up with computers under two of the beds and a giant TV with a 5.1 Surround setup under the other two. I joked that it looked like LMG’s first iteration of their editing den with the way they had the desks set up

  5. Linus: Samsung included support for Airplay because they know not everyone has a Samsung phone
    Me: Really? You're just going to act like that covers everyone and ignore all other Android phones? (I realize that percentage wise other Android phones are pretty insignificant, I just thought he'd point it out like he usually does in such situations, like "If you're using a non-Samsung Android phone, you're out of luck")

  6. No display-port?

    And the USB type C connector – what protocol? Cause on their product page it only says something about the USB-Hub, but NOT what the type-C is actually using.
    (Just for reference: USB-Type C is only the physical connector. the protocol it uses can be anything from USB 2,3,4 TB3,4 )

  7. I don't understand why this would be a thing, tvs are usually not connected to anything so if your tv isn't a smart tv then you wouldn't be able to watch netflix etc without a console or something BUT monitors are always connected to a pc sooooooo?? No one will use this without a pc.

  8. “It’s like a tiny smart TV”. Awesome, so all the apps will just stop working In 12 months and you’ll have to buy an external dongle or attach a regular pc to it to use those same sites/apps again? Sounds like a great idea.

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