[Video] NVIDIA pretends to care about gamers.

Nvidia thinks they can pull a fast one on gamers looking to grab an RTX 3060, but we know you’re smarter than that – Let’s dig deeper and see if we can figure …

[Video] NVIDIA pretends to care about gamers. 1
[Video] NVIDIA pretends to care about gamers. 2
[Video] NVIDIA pretends to care about gamers. 3
[Video] NVIDIA pretends to care about gamers. 4
[Video] NVIDIA pretends to care about gamers. 5

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  1. nvidia is a business not a charity. Product development costs a lot of money, and I would rather see nvidia selling their products and moving the technology forward into the future rather than getting bankrupt within the next few years. The price of RTX card is not just the silicon – it's also the mortgage of the guy who designed it, the pension pot of the driver developer, coffee expenses of Chinese workers, and the dividend that goes to shareholders (who make the business possible). Once you accept this single fact, you may start recognising that nvidia or AMD actually did a lot to improve our lives. Without them we would be still playing on Game Boy's.

  2. Soon to your Linux box: your flaming super expensive new Nvidia graphics card only works at 50% performance because… "fuck you Linux gamers" (with love: Nvidia).

  3. nvidia we care about gamers thats why due you cant buy any rtx3xxx we rls our 200k dust covered chips that didnt sell to miners as gtx1660
    gamers: but what about rtx? wasnt that your main feature and game changer
    nvidia: dont worry, have you seen any game with that and even if there are 2 only, have you seen how lame results it has, even 1995 3D Studio had more points tracing, our engineers laughed when they designed it, fuckin sea quest with amiga lightwave had better quality, also consider that you lose half of performance

  4. 20 series performance to cost increased ratio basically shows nvidia's focus on profit only. they could have sold 20 series at much lower price but they did not. and the whole "ray tracing" move is mostly a shadow over it. ray tracing is not even important in most game. and the incident on hardware unboxed? dont forget that. they just dont care.

  5. 1.- Silicon production is limited.

    But, apparently the CMP cards are based in Turing¡s silicons (almost), that aren't limited by the 8nm capabilities of Samsung, because they are 12nm TSMC's silicons, indeed, an outdated and without many competition silicon process (you are asuming that the gpus of nvidia related with CMP are all Ampere parts, WRONG). Add that nvidia are saying that are recycling for these cards gpus that aren't good enough for geforces, and you have an answer for your critic: YOU are WRONG. Next.

    2.- CMP has no resale value. For mining operations outside from the "wannabes" ones in their garage, that's irrelevant, because if you are making an inversion of, say, 10 millions of dollars, you are investing thinking in a cycle of operation of at least one year, and you are interested in the best ratio of hash/power and hash/initial cost. The most interested in the "resell value" are the wannabes. Wrong again, about the bubble of cryptomining and its consequences and the nvidia position. Next.

    3.- Eco-garbage's comments. Ok Linus, so now, you are concern because these CMPs cards aren't eco-friendly because they aren't going to the second hand market. Ahh… ok. Because you said that the real 3D cards from mining ops have a second life with gamers and all the happy ends and so on. NOPE, the reality is that these mining 3d Cards were working years (1-3), 24/7, and any undervolt and power limiting technnique are enough for garantizing a good enough card that lasts more years in a gaming system.

    Do you know many people that have some 290 from mine ops now? Because the market was flooded years ago with these cards. And now I barely see equipments with that cards.

    Don't be so cynicial, Linus. The true reason by your criticism is that nvidia's move are affecting to your mining operations… hahahaha. 😛

  6. As much as I hate scalpers and card scarcity, putting artificial limits on products is a total A-hole move even without the whole biting into the used market angle.

    If I buy X, Nvidia should not care what I use it for. If I want to game and then mine overnight or while at my real job, I should be able to. This walled garden stuff is always bullshit.

  7. Linus started this video off well, then it went down hill from there. Got the feeling he didn't want to upset them too much. If Nvidia actually did care about gamers they'd start producing ASIC hardware and locking out their gaming cards in hardware. Personally I'd love for governments throw a huge cost at them for the environmental damage Nvidia is doing by flogging its entire stock to miners.

  8. Damn I miss the Phenom CPUs they were awesome. I got a 3 core and a quad-core so two computers so I simply had 2 computers with quad core CPUs🤣🤣🤣 it was such an awesome deal. And both those systems lasted about 10 years each so it was a great value for the money great work horses and they were pretty decent gaming systems.

  9. WTF are you talkin about! Gamers pay trilions on gaming keyboards and chairs and leds, you think they need a charity 😀 omg and you of ALL people you are an opportunist, you never pay for ONE VIDEO you make mate… let miners be…

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