[Video] OnePlus 9 Pro – An Early Look

An early look at what seems to be the OnePlus 9 Pro with a new Hasselblad camera system

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[Video] OnePlus 9 Pro - An Early Look 1
[Video] OnePlus 9 Pro - An Early Look 2
[Video] OnePlus 9 Pro - An Early Look 3
[Video] OnePlus 9 Pro - An Early Look 4
[Video] OnePlus 9 Pro - An Early Look 5

39 Comments on “[Video] OnePlus 9 Pro – An Early Look”

  1. Hasselblad is a H A R D C O R E camera company. They really are on another level. Do you think this is gonna be enough for the OnePlus cameras to take the crown?

  2. Well …this is only a hype i think…..I'm saying this jst for the display….because…if you see again at 2:30 of the vdio…you will see that….the front facing camera cutout is not well furnished..i meant that…the camera cutout is hiding the settings logo!!…you must see keenly Dave…

  3. Hasselblad have had their name on DJI products for quite some time now. And the the question of what involvement they have had has been up in the air.

  4. As far as i rememer, Hassleblad and Rolls Royce decide their customers, we cant just with money and buy them straight. Its pretty werid, seeing Hassleblad branding, i would rather expect Leica.

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