[Video] Ordering the New 2021 Tesla Model S Plaid…

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50 Comments on “[Video] Ordering the New 2021 Tesla Model S Plaid…”

  1. Being a Model S (2019) owner and having driven a Taycan for several hours, the Taycan is a REFRESHING place to be. Such a welcome relief in build-quality and a drivers seating position. Everything you touch is Porsche quality. No rattles of thin bits. Door closure sounds heavy and solid. Even my 2019 Model S sounds like im closing the lid on my recycling bin in my garage. And in the end that's what it's all about – being surrounded in quality – and plenty fast. Nothing worse than being surrounded in low quality materials to get a few less decimal points in 0-60.

  2. So How much milage do you actualy drive every day ?
    I have a Model 3 2020 Short range +
    I live in the Netherlands yes very small country but my work is between 60 a 80klm a day
    most people live close to there work or just drive arround 100+ klm a day more then enough.
    Also Stop tinking like You still driving a benzine car and fill it up when it is almost empty in 5 mins.
    With an electric car you charge it every thime when you are on a destination where you have a charge option or when you back home
    So that is a big difference normaly you always drive in a fully charged car and here in Europe there are so many chargers you never will have to worry that you won't make it to your destination.

  3. Appearently he's never heard of the 2021 Lucid Air the next best EV that will overtake Tesla ! I hope someone will make a video and compare the new model s with the new Lucid Air. I hope this guy does it first cause he will and I mean WILL pick Lucid over Tesla !

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