[Video] Rebuilding Our DIRTIEST Server

For the last two or so years, our main editing server Whonnock has had no remote backup, meaning in the event of a natural disaster, it’s very possible we could …

30 Comments on “[Video] Rebuilding Our DIRTIEST Server”

  1. Hehe. I once saw a server that had been in a rack for 10+ years, running non-stop. Sun's UltraSPARC II servers were miraculous…
    So, when we opened the case, I saw a bricket (literally) of compressed dust between the air intake and the radiator assembly. It was so tight we could shake ot away in one piece.

  2. Personally I would recommend using paintbrushes with soft bristles to clean the components; a fabric duster is NOT a good idea. Though I never will likely never have setups like any of what LMG uses, really, it is interesting to watch them.

  3. Spray some dust and make a video , Linus and more and more click-bait videos. This is why i watch only 40 sec and this video is the reason i watch linus less and less , except tech channel

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