[Video] Sony's New Ultra Flagship Smartphone…

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[Video] Sony's New Ultra Flagship Smartphone... 1
[Video] Sony's New Ultra Flagship Smartphone... 2
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  1. I would just keep some galaxy earbuds on and use those to control phone calls, and use the Google assistant to send text through them as well… but if I were in a crucial job situation, then I'd just turn on do not disturb. Very cool setup though. My concert work would definitely improve with that rig

  2. Anyone who preordered this phone? This looks too sweet! I am saving up for a Canon EOS R5, wonder how it would work?
    Also have a DJI Mini 2, and an older DJI Mavic Pro – Saving for an Autel Evo II Pro too, I wonder how it would be as controller screen?
    I am an avid mobile gamer too, played all the Battle Royale games, currently play Call of Duty Mobile – as well am into MOBAs, Global 50-100 regulary on Mobile Legends, but shifted over to League of Legends Wild Rift, and play more casual now as I got stuff going on irl.
    I was saving for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 21 this summer – I am a fanboy of the series. However these specs – and the HDMI and mini jack, I just can't ignore.
    If you get your hands on one, drop me a comment after you played around with it please.
    I am a Canon fanboy too, but that Sony A1 – dayum! @Unbox Therapy if you want to accidently put my address on the return label, I wouldn't be mad. PM for the details.

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