[Video] The 15 Terabyte SSD is TINY!!

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  1. QLC? and what they want 4000$, they can keep it, not buying QLC drives, TLC was the lowest I was wiling to go QLC has shit for stats other than overinflated capacity.
    Asus – PCIe 4 card – 4x TLC 4TB m.2 = 16GB Gen 4 Raid, $200 for the riser card, $650 for each m.2 so you are still way under their ridiculous cost.
    Also fuck the software engineers, they are whiners and babies that single handedly hold computing back because they are lazy or stupid.

  2. I hate how EVERY time that the subject of drives comes up, the loss in capacity has to be explained AGAIN. Stop it already, let people figure it out themselves already

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