[Video] The MOST AVERAGE Gaming PC

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  1. Make video on low end price gaming pc b/c i am poor i need a gaming pc to make games and make app,vfx,animation but i have low end pc i am soo sad i am a poor guy i need money to get this things but don't have money 😞😥

  2. lol, 16gb of ram feels pretty budget… but in saying that, i thought my 32gb was gonna be awesome riiiggghhhtt before my brother built his with 64gb XD… not that its really gonna matter for the next couple years

  3. My first ever PC build (i5-6500 , 1060 3GB, 250GB SSd + 1 TB HDD, and [prepare yourself] 20 GBs of RAM) is still kicking strong, in use by one of my friends until she builds funds and stock is abundant enough for her to build her own. Aside from running out of storage space, its been working really well for her and I'm glad.

    Whenever I get it back, I'm probably going to use it as a box for multiplayer games and media on my 4K TV (which is currently served by a 3th gen i5 + GT 730 combo I dug up)

  4. I upgraded to a Ryzen 3700X, Radeon 5700XT & 16 GB RAM about 18 months ago after living with a i5-2500k, Radeon 6950 (upgradede along the way) & 32 GB RAM for almost 10 years. For the games I play on a 1440p/144hz screen now I'm perfectly happy with my setup.

  5. Even some pre-built gaming machines are now relatively inexpensive utilizing the GTX 1660. Dell has a sale on in Canada right now for i5-10500 + 8GB + 512gb SSD + GTX 1660 Super for $900. Add in an extra 8GB RAM and it would be the perfect gaming PC for a more affordable price.

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