[Video] The Most Powerful Gaming Laptop Right Now

This is the best gaming laptop on the market right now. AMD 5900 HX and RTX 3080. It’s crazy powerful.
Available Here –

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  1. 2200 is actually a LOT cheaper starting point than i would have assumed. thats a lot of powerful tech in a small-ish package. battery life is a ton longer than i assumed too

  2. Whats a good laptop for me?
    I need a laptop for school and just to watch anime and movies.
    I’ve been looking at the stock macbook air at the students discount at $899 and also the Acer swift 3. But im not sure. Im looking for long battery usage and great screen to view anime lol. My budget is $1000.00

  3. Dave, this is not the fastest laptop available. That would go to the Alienware Area-51M R2 with an Intel I9 10900k with a RTX 2080 Super at 200w. The 3080 gpu is not as fast as the 2080 Super running at 200 watts.

  4. Of course, this is a nice kit, though the second display will be more a gimmick, the reviewed model is stupid money and not many people can afford this and many would go for cheaper similar spec machines. You are def paying a big premium for that second display. For me, the keyboard and trackpad are more important for me as these can vary between OEMs, the rest of the hardware is standard (or will be). These would be deal-breakers for me along with the price. Glad they have gone AMD hence the price drop. Not for me.

  5. I did maths (price comparison with last gen and new incoming taxes in my region)
    So it should cost atleast 5500 usd for the model you have at minimum at with stock and other things it may go up to 6000 usd so I can’t buy it even if I sell my both kidneys
    Shipping charges not added

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