[Video] The ULTIMATE gaming bed

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[Video] The ULTIMATE gaming bed 2
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  1. This is really random but Linus I need your help ( or someone who knows a lot about tech ) I have a series x and I play with vrr to reduce screen tearing and stuff but does variable refresh rate add a small amount of input lag on the Xbox ?

  2. OMG, the coffee machine thing. I learned something new. And i'm kinda thinking about slapping a "Ramen Maker" sticker on the front of some cheap coffee machines and seeing if I can sell them at 2x price on Amazon.

  3. I woul like to see you buid THE ULTIMATUM video editing machine as much small as possible to be used on a RV Camper, suitable to all those youtubers and videos hungry guys out there with such a travelling lifestyle.They have limited small space, a TV and are running on battery power. VERY interessting.

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