[Video] This is an ABOMINATION.

Crypto mine for free with NiceHash at Running Windows on a Chromebook has always been hard. But a partnership between Google …

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  1. Every Windows user,

    Internet Explorer —> Hey, Use me to browse internet.
    Everyone (In search bar) —> "install google chrome for windows"

    Then turn Google Chrome as the default browser and never turns towards Internet Explorer again.

    Internet Explorer —> 🙁

  2. Not sure if it is just me, but I feel that "Nice Hash" sponsorship is super out of place looking at what mining is doing to the world… but hey, keep your PC running at 100% and maybe get some cashback after paying for the electricity bill of someone else.

  3. 5:00 – Dell Latitude Chromebook Enterprise – $1468.99

    Call me crazy, but why in the hell would I buy that when I can get a worthy business or gaming laptop for that much loot? I might be able to squeeze a cheap Chromebook into the same budget too.

  4. Not like Google doesn't already influence the way people think by tuning search results to favor what Google prefers rather than objective, unbiased search results.

  5. chromebooks are an embarrassment and always will be. the "chrome" aspect never did anything that couldn't be better achieved by simply adding chrome to startup on a non-gimped distro, and that distro would actually get an acceptable amount of updates instead of being tied to google's stupid "hardware platform" model that means some chromebooks get abandoned after 6 years and others after 3 years
    you can install chromiumOS on a regular laptop and get a better chromeOS experience than you'd get from an official chromebook

  6. At my workplace we use many chromebooks, tablets with chrome os and Raspberry Pi 4Bs. The management planning to ditch every Windows based machines, which is not essential to workstation. We use many Raspberry Pis as "desktop PC". Its cost effective and u can do almost everything on Raspbian what needed for the given workstation(using java based softwares, reading workorders in a web browser or in pdf reader, using web based applications in browser).

  7. I think Google should work on making chrimeOS a genuine operating system, like other solid Linux distros. This is basically thrm saying "we can't be bothered to fully invest in making an OS so we'll just let you run other ones instead"

  8. Watching on my Spin 713. I feel the point of Chromebooks (without Parallels) is for people who don't care about the extra things that Windows provides. I can do actual work on it with the help of Google Docs and Office web apps, I can write stuff in Visual Studio, and I can play games either through Linux or GeForce Now. The other things Windows does are not important to me, so what's the point in having them? Also, I'm not sure if your unit was defective, because my trackpad is a dream to use and I wouldn't miss my mouse (other than for games). I know making a video titled "This is okay but I prefer something else" is not gonna get clicks, but at least present your opinions as opinions and not as fact.

  9. In the price bracket that Chromebooks tend to sit in, an extra $50 in your budget goes a loooong way. Where as when looking for a gaming laptop, you'll be lucky if that gets you a similar product from a different brand.

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