[Video] This Robot Vacuum Empties Itself…

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[Video] This Robot Vacuum Empties Itself... 1
[Video] This Robot Vacuum Empties Itself... 2
[Video] This Robot Vacuum Empties Itself... 3
[Video] This Robot Vacuum Empties Itself... 4
[Video] This Robot Vacuum Empties Itself... 5

28 Comments on “[Video] This Robot Vacuum Empties Itself…”

  1. I hate these vacuums; for me the Roomba does not clean as well as normal vacuum. To be fair, it has a smaller engine. Still, it feels like a gimmick not an utility.
    They should improve the suction power!
    It is a good idea, but it is not still there.

  2. Has this country gotten lazier smh what ever happened to clean your own s**t smh lol some are so petty and lazy as f**k if they drop a cup of juice and standing next to the juice they'll call that damn robot to clean it..WTF! I can't I'm done lol

  3. It really works, same as my washer, dryer and my dish washer. The washer automatically moves the clothes to the dryer and the dryer automatically folds the clothing and actually puts them away in my drawer. Same for the dish washer, it unloads itself. My wife doesn't think this is funny.

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