[Video] We can FINALLY Test This!!

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[Video] We can FINALLY Test This!! 1
[Video] We can FINALLY Test This!! 2
[Video] We can FINALLY Test This!! 3
[Video] We can FINALLY Test This!! 4

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  1. All of these killer network cards and RED garbage and 4k 60 cards just a spinoff you are actually fine with a decent graphics card and integrated sound processor on your motherboard the rest is BS.

  2. If you could test cable length, that would be nice.

    Like videocable length, but also USB cable length for your mouse response right.

    I wonder whether with active cabling there would be significant loss

  3. ok LINUS once again I re-sub your channel again I guess whatever I mean as much as you are annoying with ads and sponsors I like tech and I can make fun of u each time I watch ur videos kekeke

  4. "there is no additional lag"
    me a computer science student: ummmmm (CPUs are designed with the idea that even for memory cache the physical distance away from the core on the cpu makes a significant difference in latency, i.e. the basic principles of why we use l1/l2/l3 caches, even minute pcb trace length difference is related to latency)

  5. 7:29 My theory is that only the slowest(max latency) device is the bottleneck for input lag also that is why you don't get higher input after connecting more devices. Just like chemical reactions, only the slowest step gives the rate of reaction.

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