[Video] Wife PC Upgrade NIGHTMARE

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[Video] Wife PC Upgrade NIGHTMARE 1
[Video] Wife PC Upgrade NIGHTMARE 2
[Video] Wife PC Upgrade NIGHTMARE 3
[Video] Wife PC Upgrade NIGHTMARE 4
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30 Comments on “[Video] Wife PC Upgrade NIGHTMARE”

  1. Whoever came with the water cooling for electronics is a f*** idiot.
    And whoever buys those coolers is an even bigger one.

    LTT Tests Air and Liquid coolers
    "yes an average air cooler is way better at cooling compared to an expensive water cooler"
    (Proceedes installing more water coolers)

  2. Linus admits that his digital privacy is not possible as there are thousands of videos online that have him in them, but he still makes sure he doesn't call his children by their name. hmmm

  3. There's got to be a subtle tongue-in-cheek theme with these recent videos since WAN Show lol
    1) "My wife said no…" (first video after WAN Show)
    2) "Fixing My $10,000 Mistake" (second video and possibly a self dig at the $50,000 "mistake")
    3) Linus saying "my wife won't let me" in this video at 0:25 😛

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