Decided to move on from your NGAV/EDR? A Guide for Small Security Teams to What’s Next

You’re fully aware of the need to stop threats at the front door and then hunt any that got through that first gate, so your company installed an EPP/ EDR solution.

But like most companies, you’ve already come across its shortcoming – and these are amplified since you have a small security team. More than likely, you noticed that it has its share of detection blind spots and limitations for which you need to tack on more detection technologies.

Remediation requires manual effort, and in terms of operation, it’s become too much of an investment on your already resource-constrained staff. Deployment took you ages, so you’re somewhat wary of introducing new technology and going through that process again.

What should you do – fight for more resources, flight from the EDR/ EPP combo to other technological solutions, or freeze by accepting this painful situation and updating the board that your risk levels remain high?

When fight and freeze are typically the directions you want to avoid taking, you need to know what to expect if you do move along.

The guide “Decided to move on from your NGAV/EDR? A guide to what’s next” walks you through six steps in that transition process,…

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