How to Successfully Pursue a Career in Malware Analysis

Are you looking to becoming a malware analyst? Then continue reading to discover how to gain the training you need and start a career in malware analysis career.

Did you know that new malware is released every seven seconds?

As more and more systems become reliant on the internet, the proliferation of malware becomes increasingly destructive. Once upon a time, a computer virus might cause considerable inconvenience, but its reach might have been limited to the handful of systems connected to the internet.

Today, with every home, factory, and institution online, it’s theoretically possible for malware to shut down an entire nation.

That’s where malware analysis comes in.

Malware analysis is the process of isolating and reverse-engineering malicious software. Malware analysts draw on a wide range of skills, from programming to digital forensics, to identify and understand different types of malware. From there, they can design security solutions to protect computers from similar types of malware in the future.

As you can imagine, becoming a malware analyst is less than simple. Practical malware analysis demands a range of skill sets and can take a long time to master.

However, if…

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