[Video] $100 Gaming Headset Roundup

Looking for your next gaming headset under $100 to help you get the most frags? We’ve got you covered with this round up! Buy Audio Technica ATH-PDG1 …

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  1. The Arctis 5 headset we used is the original 2016 version, not the current 2019 revision. The newer revision adds extra ear cushioning, offers a couple EQ updates (and DTS Surround X 2.0, although the legacy Arctis 5 also received this via a software update), and has minor aesthetic changes. We welcome these updates, but they don't change our overall verdict on the headset. Apologies for the confusion!

  2. yo subtitle guy, pls stop changing the subtitles to tell us something. Just make a Twitter post or something and link it in the description, cuz Im actually not going to read these subtitles and then having to rewatch the vid.

  3. I use the Arctis 5 (new version). I have to disagree with ya. The mic quality is clear and the overall sound quality is excellent (for my ears at least). No problems locating the enemies direction and after some EQ tweaking everything comes through crystal clear. There may be others that are better, but since I haven't used them I can only speak of what I have.

  4. i appreciate what you're doing with the "actual gamer" program but guys
    do not completely neglect your ACTUAL captions to talk about them.
    i shouldn't be listening to you talk about the corsair headphones while the captions are still going on about the xbox headset because you threw a minute and a half of irrelevant fake-captions in and never bothered to fix the rest.

  5. Idk how Turtle Beach is still in business. Their headsets have always been terrible imo.

    Also how the hell are Cloud II's mediocre? Those used to be my daily drivers and they sounded great for the price.

  6. unless you've used the headset for a few years, you really can't do a good review on their reliability. I've had like $60 Astros, and my god have they held up perfectly for over 5 years now with constant use.

  7. For about 10 bucks more you can pickup the Sennheiser Game One. The best mic of pretty much any headset and an amazing soundstage for positioning. Plus they are made by an audiophile company so sound quality is a given.

  8. As someone who gets weirded out by being blocked out from the sound of the room around them, I always leave on ear uncovered or without an earbud, I love the idea of an open backed gaming headset like the first one

  9. I went with the g935 from Logitech to replace my recon corsair. Decent range, good sound and 16+ hours wireless, it was a good step up. If you know how to read the on paper stats its not hard to find a good set as far as performance goes.

  10. To be honest at 100 bucks I feel like they’re all going to be trash even up just under 200 is pretty trash. It doesn’t start getting good till you start pushing that $300Area. I personally have owned over 13 different headsets turtle beaches were one of the worst to be honest now I’m on Sam Heiser who so far has made the best

  11. To everyone interested in the Razer Blackshark V2:

    If you have 3.5mm audio jacks on your pc (preferably from a sound card) go for the Razer Blackshark V2X! It's essentially the same as the V2 but without the USB soundcard. Using it without the USB-Soundcard although makes the headset much better, in both sound and mic-quality and that for a even better price (I think it's like 60ish). I own it and I can 100% recommend it.

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