[Video] AMD has got to be kidding

AMD can’t help it sometimes. Nvidia makes a mistake and they just have to one-up them. With the timing of this launch, that’s exactly what the Radeon RX 6700 …

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  1. Dont understand, why everyone show recomended prices? There are no prices exist like those. Check all website, get the lowest price, boom, this is your price. Rx 6700 900 euro. Rtx 3060 900 euro. Rtx 2080 800 euro. Rtx 3090 2600 euro. Please dont use the prices you cant buy for.

  2. Saying that you can buy the card if it manages to perform in the games you currently play is a bad argument. You should buy a card for 3-5 years and it should be well balanced enough to handle the different graphic engines that come and go. To me this is yet again a textbook example of bad architecture, product segmentation, and drivers, that go back to the ATI days. Only now they are charging top dollar for it..

  3. There should be a law preventing any sale of products starting over MSRP. Let me be clear… Not illegal for buyers to over bid, but illegal for the seller to start the price bloated over the MSRP.

  4. This is a surprisingly honest and realistic review. You point out the shorcomings, how it is a poor deal compared to competition (even AMD's own!), but you still don't diss it and acknowledge it has some market, especially with the current marke behaviour.

    I absolutely agree with the cynical you, though. But, well, that's how it works when you're a manufacturer and your goal is to make money, not provide a service.

    I'd like a video on that "better performing on weaker CPUs" angle though !

  5. I was gonna comment on how I like Anthony and how good this review is, but instead I'm gonna reflect over the fact that an old 1080's mean price on ebay is higher than this card's… :v

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