[Video] Are Hard Drives Still Worth It?

We tested modern software running on older storage to see if it can still keep up with ever-increasing file sizes and demand Buy Intel i9-9900k CPU (PAID LINK): …

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  1. Newer HDD drives can do 180MB/sec sequential reads. I personally go NVME for boot and a few games, and multiple HDD for archiving/downloading etc. With proper care (correct power, low temps and no shocks) they are very reliable. There's the debate about keeping them powered on all the time vs the opposite, but I find the built in windows HDD sleep mode sufficient. I'm about to retire a 11 year old 1TB drive, not because it has problems, but just because it's slow (90MB/sec) and want more storage. On my retro machines I have a lot of HDDs in the few gigabytes or even less capacity, that are just fine after a very long time. And SSD need some power on times to actually keep the data when they are not in use for long periods of time.. So longterm archiving storage is HDD for me. 🙂
    Anthony you're great, I really enjoy your videos 😀

  2. I thought SSDs couldn't be stored without power for months and months?
    I have old HDDs with old movies and pictures stored, but never spent the extra money for SSD because I thought if they went too long without electricity they would lose their data

  3. I use a small ssd as a boot drive, and a larger hard drive as a game drive. I can’t afford to spend around $100 for a 1TB ssd when I can spend that $100 on 4TBs of 7200rpm hard drive storage.

  4. I will never use SSDs for a simple reason: recovering data from a broken ssd is basically impossible, from hdd you just swap the platters to a different drive

  5. "Are Hard Drives Still Worth It?"
    Short answer: Yes if you need 1TB or more storage and already have an SSD for your OS drive, otherwise no

    (You still might want to watch the whole video, king Anthony is here)

  6. Yes HDDs are definitely still worth considering in 2021, still more cost effective for when one needs a larger capacity option. And HDD technology is proven for longevity more so than SSD technology is. I still have a Maxtor 7,200 rpm HDD that’s twenty years old and still working fine in 2021.Will a SSD still be working fine twenty years from now?, Now that’s a good question.

  7. personally still want 1 4+ TB hdd, that i use for basically "trash" (music, memes in all shapes n forms, dokuments, movies, pictures, mods pre install etc) its not about the price of the drive to size, but the price to size to usecase. sure i can probably store all o the shit i listed in a 1tb ssd but why would i pay for the speed and reliability when nothing important is on it and none of it needs speed.

  8. what happens when the ssd's reach that destined time of death, will you be forced to send it in or just buy a replacement? will you have to buy a new xbox series / ps5 console all together? who knows. especially once the consoles are discontinued, you won't be able to get one due to used xbox series consoles ssd's having died, in 10-15 years, the consoles could never be seen again.

  9. Looks at my raid file server with 20 10 TB Hard drives… Lets see, how much would that cost in SSD? I supposed Hard drives are still worth it to anyone who isn't a corporation or a lottery winner.

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