[Video] Asus SCAR 15 – A Premium Upgrade

Dave2D review of the Asus Strix G15 Scar. The best gaming laptop from Asus for 15″ performance. With AMD Ryzen, RTX 3080, Opti-Mechanical Keyboard and RGB lighting

[Video] Asus SCAR 15 - A Premium Upgrade 1
[Video] Asus SCAR 15 - A Premium Upgrade 2
[Video] Asus SCAR 15 - A Premium Upgrade 3
[Video] Asus SCAR 15 - A Premium Upgrade 4
[Video] Asus SCAR 15 - A Premium Upgrade 5

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  2. I preordered it 2wks ago. Am a bit disappointed you dont seem to like it much, there havent been many reviews of this specific model yet. I could care less about the rgb and the gimmicks but wanted an amd9 3080 16gb laptop to have best perf for vid editing. Wouldve loved the zepherus duo but couldnt motivate the 1000$ price difference – and otherwise this scar strix 15 seems like the best possible specs vs cost.

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