[Video] Building a gaming PC at… WALMART?

When you don’t have a Microcenter, why not look to Walmart? We’re going to build a gaming PC from the store that claims to have it all Check out the SSD Tier …

[Video] Building a gaming PC at… WALMART? 1
[Video] Building a gaming PC at… WALMART? 2
[Video] Building a gaming PC at… WALMART? 3
[Video] Building a gaming PC at… WALMART? 4
[Video] Building a gaming PC at… WALMART? 5

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  1. Meh. Since it took a year and its not actual realzies, there is no reference, how fast can one do it. So there is no real world repetition to this. So its not actually a gaming PC from Walmart. Its a gaming PC from Walmart marketplace, which is just another Craigslist simply. Try to build a PC in an actula way its possible now. Try to really get a graphics card like a real gamer has to cleverly approach it. I would even like a Covid-Mining time scrapyard wars style PC-build where the competition spans out for half a year and you spend your time ordering and waiting for stuffs. Like real ppl do it now. The main rule would be, no second hand or scalper deals. Only ordered parts, including the right and cost to outsource and use a buyer bot.

  2. Wal*Mart, the illusion of lower prices. But the reality is, their stock is made cheaply, so you are going to have to replace everything you bought from them, multiple times over many years. Where you could just buy one high quality(made in America) product and have it forever. In the long run, paying more for a higher quality product is less expensive. But who are we kidding though? People that shop at Wal*Mart are not capable of doing simple math, nor are they capable of seeing any amount of time into the future. Wal*Mart is for poor people, and to keep poor people being poor people. Heh, in a way Wal*Mart is a self-tax.

  3. So video with upscaling with dsr to 4k and using dlss performance on 1080p , upscale to 8k with dsr then use ultra performance dlss on 1440p , vs native 1080p and 1440p PLEASE <3 xD i just want to see the different in image quality and it will show u if dlss is really better then native kinda 😛

  4. This video is pointless, “hey we couldn’t get any of the major parts so we winged it, its not really a Walmart pc build bc well u cant get most of these things on Walmart but we replaced items with item we think Walmart would sell. hut arnt selling right now”

  5. While I liked the idea… what was the point of this build? I was kinda thinking that it would be stuff from in a store, not just from the marketplace from sellers who aren't Walmart.

  6. With all this facilities and tools the most constant theme on LTT these days is just linus assembling PC's. Smaller channels with less means usually run by a single person produce really high quality actual builds and content. All the employees at LTT getting really comfy and lazy. So many people there and in the end linus just assembles a PC. B. B.but golden xbox controller!! Just throwing money. Not real build. Just low quality but really expensive content. If Linus retires the channel is doomed by all the lazy and comfy people …

  7. What graphics card would you recommend for my new build?
    Ryzen 5 3600
    32gb corsair Vengance pro @3600 Mhz
    ASUS ROG Strix B550-F Gamimg MOBO
    750W EVGA 80+ bronze PSU
    currently using an MSI GTX 1660 Gaming X

  8. This video was crap, most parts weren't from walmart at all, instead they were from 3rd party sellers or your own inventory, might as well have just used eBay for all it mattered. Also.. no shit the B450 only had 3rd gen pci-e m.2 slots, B450 doesn't support 4th gen pci-e. 😕

    I get you want to push your affiliate link, ltt is a business after all, but this was a crappy video to do it with. The concept was fine, the execution was shit.

  9. And to think I felt bad for paying 400$ for a refab 2070 half a year ago. You've actually "paid" over current gen MSRP for last gen hardware.

  10. Looking at your videos I just realized how lucky I am to be Spanish in regards of PC cases. I don't know why, but we have 2 brands (at least that I know: Nox and Nfortec) that are priced between 40-80€ and offer cases as the one that Walmart has, but with better ventilation (and the standoffs correctly positioned!) and even with preinstalled fans.

  11. The reason there was a bunch of priority mail bubble packets in the is that they're free from the US postal service but you can only use them for the expensive flat rate priority mail

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