[Video] FINALLY an AMD Handheld Gaming PC!!

What if you could have the power of a full windows PC in a device the size of your palm, or at least the size of a Nintendo Switch? Aya definitely has you …

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  1. AMD is just killing it. That battery life is almost as good as some Android phones. And they did this with x86 not ARM. And they aren't even using the Zen3.

  2. Hey! Dear Linus, it's me! Gijs, but you can call me GI. And when I turn 15 I'm probably allowed to buy and make a gaming pc. But there is one little problem… I don't know anything about gaming pc's. Soooo… Can you or someone else help me?

  3. FIx wifi and switch to analog triggers for sure. Better speakers? Would be a bonus.
    I'm getting dangerously close to considering one of these little hand held devices. Maybe in a few years.

  4. Thanks LTT because of you now I am a tech geek not that geeky, I haven't built a single pc but yeah now LTT is part of my everyday life
    Hope he release a video about repairing laptop hinges because my seven year old lenovo g500s is barely together

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