[Video] How Bad is a Refurbished iPhone…?

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49 Comments on “[Video] How Bad is a Refurbished iPhone…?”

  1. Last new apple product I bought was iPhone 7 Plus when it was released. Every phone after was used, iPad Pro was used, MacBook Pro, iMac, Apple Pencil, all used. When you’re in the repair business you understand just how cheap apple products are. Engineered well, but cheaply made with a stupid high markup price

  2. It’s funny that it really seems like the 8 came out forever ago but in reality it came out like weeks before the iPhone X. I actually still had an almost brand new 8 plus in my office and traded it in for the 12 pro max a few months ago. Got 800 in credit for it from ATT

  3. I watched this video to determine if I should upgrade from my 8 plus to a refurbished XS Max – instead you convinced me to stay with my 8 plus just a little longer

  4. Yeah you got lucky I got the exact same phone and I got 84 percent battery life and my phone has a good amount of scuff marks on it but besides that everything works

  5. If you're wondering what the B stands for in the pink label, that's the rating of the condition of the phone.
    A – Perfect (no scratches, no dents, etc.)
    B – Good (little scratches, maybe 1 small dent, etc.)
    C – Ok (multiple scratches, multiple dents, etc.)
    Hope this helps when buying your next used iPhone/Android!

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