[Video] I'm still mad… but buy it anyway – RTX 3060 Review

After big promises to gamers about the RTX 3060’s performance for gaming and LACK of performance for mining, Nvidia’s new GPU has finally released.

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  1. Yo why doesn't anyone make rgb gpu replacement fans c'mon thermaltake or corsair. Where ya at? Is this a thing? Would be really cool to sink gpu to case fans

  2. I know this has nothing to do with this video, but I’d love to see a video on the kraken G12 on an msi rx 5700 xt gaming x. I want to liquid cool my card but cannot find anything on compatibility for it or if it’s even worth it.

  3. Gotta love this fabricated computer parts shortage.
    When the whole world came to a screeching hault and started buying parts to stay alive, the companies has no problems keeping up with demand
    Remember boys and girls, this isn’t a real thing, it’s an excuse to rob the biggest idiots among us of their money through 800% mark ups

  4. These rubbish gpus and at ridiculous prices will kill pc gaming. After two years the 3060 being less power ful than the 2070 is not progress not at the price they charging for it. The only thing that will save pc games ng is if a company can bring gpus to market at rrp and cimpete with mvidia. Sadly amds rdna2 while getting there is still unable to offer game ready driver updates regularly…has a wors software support for streamers etc..and worse raytracing which maybe needed more next year. Main thing is prices. .and or nvidia needs to cut out partnets if they cant stay at rrp and make gpus themsrlves at rrp. Thatwont happen and as such prices are inflated to point many pc builders like me have left themarket since last september. I cant build anewpc as the new gpu prices make the gpu cost more than all other pc parts combined if l put in a 3080. If youpay these stupid prices u will kill off the future of pcgaming….in ahort termthey will makemoney…long term more and more will jump to consoles as they became me more available

  5. I remember being deployed to southern Iraq and coming back to base to find all the non combat soldiers (truck drivers, clerical staff etc) in the accomodation areas playing Battlefield over LAN in an air conditioned blacked out hut on their new GeForce 6150’s. I opened the door to see what all the noise was about and was showered with abuse as if I opened the curtains on a vampire drinking plasma in the dark.

    They were more upset when I came back with a flash bang, threw it in and locked the door. When they managed to kick the door open and file out coughing and bleeding from the eyes, I shot pen flares at them. Oh the memories 🙂

    Moral of the story, you kids with the RTX 3060 have it easy!

  6. So many graphic cards been bough during the pandemic to mine crypto, i wild guess will be 80% of the stock . I mean as far as nvidia and amd are concerned they are selling, they will never care about who buys their product. Do you guys really think these 2 big companies whit fat bank accounts and the best engineers in graphic development on the planet don't have the resources to lock the cards in a way that can't be used to mine?

  7. I cant remember witch DDR4 Ram brand Linus thinks is legit… not the sponsor brands but in one video he specifically named and used a brand that they had tested and was very consistent with what that brand represented , can anyone help ??

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