[Video] Look What OnePlus Just Sent Over…

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38 Comments on “[Video] Look What OnePlus Just Sent Over…”

  1. I had bought the one plus 6t almost 3 years ago and at first it was working veryy good but now that the new models have came out, especially the new flagship that came out recently, my phone has been glitching a lot, the camera wont even open even though i have cleaned out the storage. It changes it wallpaper by itself randomly it wont even support snapchat and the screen just stops working and i have to reboot the phone 2 twice a day at least and the company is not any good in terms of customer support. would not trust this company ever again.

  2. It means the Box Size indicates there will be a 65W warp charger in it.
    Those 3 COSMIK icecreams are 3 colours for the 9 series smartphones.
    Camera has dedicated Moonshot mode where like Spacezoom or Superzoom kinda features.

    This OP9pro will last for more years for its hardware.

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