[Video] Mine Crypto Before It's Too Late!

Crypto has never been hotter, so why aren’t you taking advantage of your expensive GPU through NiceHash or your own programming? Buy Crypto Wallets on …

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  1. Thanks for your comments. There's no denying the environmental impact of mining and the product shortages is contributes to, but this video does NOT advocate for the kind of large scale commercial mining that does the majority of the harm.

    Nicehash is for folks who already have a gaming PC that they want to use to recoup some cost and don't really want to learn the ins and outs of setting it up.

    This video is already out there. We aren't going to paper over it, but with that in mind, I read you loud and clear and we will think carefully about our partnerships in the mining space moving forward.


  2. Shilling NiceHash I see…

    I love your guy’s content and I’ve been mining cryptos for about 6 years now, but I’m still saying no to Mr. NiceHash. I got burned hard when they got hacked and had a rather large sum tied up with them until I was paid back. I still don’t think I’ve fully recovered everything from them, but I’ve moved on.

    There are much better pools out there and anyone with a knowledge of bash or batch can get up and running quickly. Plus, to keep it decentralized, you really want to use other, smaller pools or start your own. DeFi is the future, not NiceHash.

  3. Been mining on NiceHash since I built my computer last July… older graphics card (580) but I still have paid for half of my computer already…

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  5. Wow Linus, how dare you take a sponser and make money to pay all those employees who have decided to have their livelihood depend on you and your channel. Because I disagree with this video, you are now a bad person.(seriously people, lighten up)

  6. I wonder what would happen if, we gamers, all reported his videos at the same time for hate speech, 100K people reporting all his vids at the same time, YT going crazy taking the channel down? Any chance for this to happen?

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