[Video] My wife HATES it – LMG Reacts to Gold Xbox Controller

We made a solid gold Xbox controller – literally the most expensive Xbox controller in the world… and reactions to it are mixed. Part 1: …

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  1. I just can’t understand the American male mentality to submit to female. They give women too much power. American men, take control and be the head of the household. Men are logical and women are emotional.

  2. Wow, she would rather spent 100k on a party then on a hard peace of something that could sell for quite a bit more then it is worth.
    Where did you find her?
    Her mind is one of a privileged dumb dumb.

  3. This was such a ridiculous over the top idea, but so cool to see as an actual final product which actually games decently. Awesome stuff. I hope you can keep it Linus!!! It's definitely art!!!

  4. Okay now all you need to make is a Solid Gold Xbox Series X console to go with that ridiculous controller. LMAO but it would probably be a xbox shaped brick with little to no wireless wifi or bluetooth connectivity unless you came up with a good LTT work around. BTW You could always do some kind of charity auction with a crazy expensive project like that and send the proceeds to the charity of LMG's choice and maybe een with the help of some of your other industry partners. You could even pick a few charity suggestions and then let your viewers decide which charity it would all go to. I think it would be awesome to see LTT make a xbox Series X gaming console made out of other materials like concrete, wood and or multiple unique materials that you would never think of putting together to make a fully functional kick ass next gen gaming console.

  5. you know what,i always thought that Yvonne was…too serious,in the not so good meaning. But just with this video i noticed i had an stupid opinion on this regard.
    now i need more videos involving her,she has a pretty interesting character,that straightforward honesty,its hard to describe. i know very few people with that great virtue …i mean,even just a product video review can be so much different if they let it be.
    i hope she will be involved more often and in more situations than the usual money related "my wife will hang me upside down on the garden's tree".
    not offense intended,

  6. Few Years Later: Linus Doing Intel Extreme Tech Upgrade – Andy
    Linus: What is this Golden Looking Series X Controller… Wait is it the solid Gold Xbox Controller??
    (Linus about to touch it)
    Andy: Stop! Don't Touch it without Gloves!
    Linus: Was this Stolen from The Office?!?!
    Andy: Yeahh……..
    Linus: You stole a 90000$ Controller from the office!!!!!
    (Andy Gets Scared)
    Linus: You're Fired!

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