[Video] Next Gen ULTIMATE Desk PC is ALIVE!

It’s finally here – the next installment of the 1U Desk PC build – we know, it’s been a while, watch to find out why. Thanks to Trotec for the sweet laser! Contact …

[Video] Next Gen ULTIMATE Desk PC is ALIVE! 1
[Video] Next Gen ULTIMATE Desk PC is ALIVE! 2
[Video] Next Gen ULTIMATE Desk PC is ALIVE! 3
[Video] Next Gen ULTIMATE Desk PC is ALIVE! 4
[Video] Next Gen ULTIMATE Desk PC is ALIVE! 5

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  1. why is the guy with the cap so slow to find solutions? with all that equipment anything should be a breeze, also that is a bad setup in the desk. Living in japan having no workshop i did a better job with most of my systems lol

  2. To fix the height issue where the pumps meet the tubing you guys could possibly create a small route in the base wood it wouldnt be noticable, lowering them to the correct level. Either that or you could create supports for the LTT logo and the pipes would be suspended which would look so much better than being rested on the base.

  3. I choose Gastly! Gastly attack: – Improper use of the word "operational"
    … not effective…
    Linus: attack – Loot crate addition!
    …. super effective!….
    One week later I bought all EA games

  4. linus can you please please build this gaming pc i wanna see if its a good budget gaming pc please please please try it these are the specs:
    intel i5 3470
    crucial 8gb ddr3 1600mhz
    zotak a55-itx
    xfx rx 560 4gb
    kingston 120gb ssd
    wd blue 1tb hdd
    evga 430 white
    masterbox lite 3.1
    uphere red rgb fans 3x

  5. you need more powerfull laser so it wont have to stay on the part as long 3 years ago i worked at a place where we would laser cut acrylic up to 3cm if you have to go to slow it will melt you need to go fast if your laser cant do it let a differnt company do it you need atleast 250watt laser

  6. A cnc router is the perfect solution for this, it’s by far the best tool you could use. The whole point is that once you work through the trial and error phases you can’t make these kinds of mistakes by trying to do manual drilling and threading which is a crap shoot at best in acrylic.

  7. Drill holes in the bottom for 2x360mm radiator each end of table and put one radiator suck air from bottom and other one blows it away from other end 😀

  8. I noticed that linus's fingers are thick, that's a worker's hand and here i am thinking all this time that he's all about the light work. I can say that this guy's fingers are calloused from working so hard. My father has the same hand. Awesome Vid. Thumbs up

  9. And people wonder why mechanics blip the gun before putting it on a bolt……that was the perfect example……. Its so you know its going the right way and don't twist off a bolt.

  10. Why not moving the wood from the backside next to the radiators a few inches inside to have space for the AC/DC converters outside, but still "inside" the desk?

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